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  • How To Fix A Leaking Faucet Fast And Easy!

    how to fix a leaking faucet
    The most common problem with household sinks is a persistent drip. This drip, even though it seems so small, can amount to a lot of additional charges on your water bill. However, know that getting rid of a drip in a sink faucet is pretty simple and most can actually be done by you. So, do you know  how to fix a leaking faucet fast and easily?


    For A Standard Compression Faucet:


    1. Turn off the water supply.

    • Make sure that the handle is in the off position.

    • Ensure that the supply is turned off underneath the sink as well.

    2. Plug your drain so that no materials (i.e. screws and washers) go down the drain.

    3. Remove any decorative pieces on the handle using a flathead screwdriver.

    4. Unscrew the handle.

    • If the handle is leaking, replace the O-ring at the base of the handle.

    • If the faucet leaks, complete the steps below.

    5. Remove the packing nut with an adjustable wrench, pliers, or similar tool.

    6. Turn the stem clockwise and take it out.

    7. Remove the screw holding the washer in place.

    • Replace the washer.

    • Be sure to use an exact replacement. Take the washer with you to the hardware store in order to get the right design and size.

     8. Reinstall faucet.

     9. Turn on the water supply.

    10. Check for drips and leaks.

     If following these steps does not solve the problem, then the issue could be corrosion in the valve seat, deteriorating seals, or broken parts. Call our Miami plumbing experts at  (305) 887-1687.  We provide leak detection, fixture installations and more.

    Watch this quick video to learn how you can stop the leak in your faucet for additional DIY plumbing skills!