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  • Quick Temporary Fixes For Leaky Pipes

    Miami plumberOnce in a while, you’ll go down the basement and get the surprise of the day — a leaking pipe! You might check under the sink for a cleaning detergent and find out, in your horror, that there’s already a stagnant pool of water which resulted from an annoying hole on your sink pipe.

    The thing is, leaks are normal. Pipes corrode, experience blockage or get loose parts and there’s no telling when it will happen. All you have to do to properly handle such plumbing emergencies are to implement preventive measures and maintenance, perform regular checks on your pipes and of course, possess efficient DIY skills to attend to the problem.

    So to help you temporarily stop the leak while waiting for your trusted plumber, check out these awesome tools for plumbing quick fixes.

    1. Putty Epoxy

    Putty epoxy is the fastest way to repair leaking pipes. You can apply this on PVC, metal, fiberglass, tile or even glass surfaces without experiencing problems because it can easily bond with these materials. It’s also water-resistant and will work on dry or wet surfaces.

    2. Pipe Wraps

    Pipe wraps are fiberglass tapes that can be used on a wide variety of pipes including PVC and concrete. You won’t need any special skill to use this plumbing must-have. All you need to do is wrap it around the area where there is a leak and let it set for 30 minutes. Voila!

    3. Clamps

    Clamps are used as compression bands that will not only stop the leaking but will also prevent the walls from collapsing. These tools come in different materials and can stop leaks from 75 up to 100 psi.

    4. Leak Repair Kits

    Leak repair kits are available in the market. These include easy-to-use materials that can temporarily put a stop on leaks. Usually, these kits include sealing materials, wraps, gloves, clamps, emery strips, repair tags, primer, putty and also spray bottles. Yes, everything that you’ll need to take care of that nasty leak!

    These are just some of the materials that you can use to fix a leaking pipe. Keep them handy at home to easily deliver solutions to your plumbing emergencies. Meanwhile, watch this short instructional video on how to apply teflon tapes in order to prevent leaks. Should you need professional plumbing repairs, installation or maintenance, call your trusted plumbers in Dade County at 305-662-0668. Plumbers 911 is ready to assist you 24/7!