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  • When You Will Need a Camera Sewer Line Inspection in Davie

    camera sewer line inspection in Davie, FloridaOver the years, plumbing technology has evolved using modern equipment to be able to come up with fast solutions to plumbing woes. An example of this is using a camera for inspecting a sewer line. Gone are the days when plumbers would risk their health every time they check sewer lines. There’s also no need for hard labor in digging the ground to check the sewer pipes for cracks and leaks. A camera sewer line inspection in Davie is now possible and Douglas Orr Plumbing can do this for you.

    How a Camera Sewer Line Inspection in Davie is Done

    A camera sewer line inspection is done by a professional plumber. First, he inserts the flexible rod with the camera into the main line. This is done using a remote control.

    As the camera goes deeper into the sewer line, radio transmitters take note of blockages and clogging inside the pipes. Oftentimes, clogs are caused by sediments that have collected and hardened over time. Sometimes, plumbers also find items such as toys that might have been flushed down the drain. Blockages can also be caused by roots of trees.

    A camera sewer line inspection also sees a sewer line’s weak spots. Cracks and leaks become visible without even digging the ground. In doing so, the plumbing technician will be able to know the exact spot of the crack and will only dig that area up for repairs. This means huge savings in terms of time and money on your part.

    In case of cracks, your plumbing contractor will be able to identify precisely where the weak parts are. He will also be to advise you about future issues that you could experience basing on the current situation of your sewer line.

    When to Look for a Camera Sewer Line Inspection Provider

    Camera sewer line inspections are usually done in the following occasions:

    Before you buy a home. This is especially true if you are thinking of acquiring a previously owned home or a house that has been in Davie for ages. A camera sewer line inspection can inform you if the pipes are still in good condition. If they aren’t, then you can go ahead and bargain for a lower price. Consider the amount of renovations and repairs that will be done before you get to move in. The septic tank’s state will also be checked during the inspection. The walls should be intact and the septic tank should be empty. Otherwise, haggle again for a lower price because you will need to have some septic pumping done.

    Persistent clogs. Ever wonder why your toilet is alright one minute and clogged in the next? Or does your mind get boggled hearing weird noises down your bathroom drain? No, those are not monsters. It could be blockages in your home’s sewer line. A camera sewer line inspection will be able to confirm this, as well as identify whatever it is that is causing the clog.

    Call Douglas Orr Plumbing For Your Camera Sewer Line Inspection Needs

    You may think that availing of a professional camera sewer line inspection service as an added expense. Still, the cost will be considered reasonable compared to what you will need to spend on future major repairs. Call Douglas Orr Plumbing, Inc. at (954) 522-8282 to schedule an appointment with a professional Davie plumber today.


    How Gas Leak Detection in Coral Gables Should Be Done

    tips for gas leak detection in Coral GablesOver the years, natural gas has become the preferred energy source of more and more people. It appears to be a more economical and environmental-friendly choice. Then again, since natural gas is colorless and odorless, it is hard to detect when it leaks. Gas leaks are a serious matter and should always be treated as an emergency plumbing case. Gas leaks can cause poisoning and explosions at home. This is why gas leak detection in Coral Gables should be done to prevent these things from happening.

    Gas Detector Devices for Gas Leak Detection in Coral Gables

    Gas detector devices were designed to alert homeowners whenever there is a gas leak in the house. There are many different methods used by these devices but we are only featuring three of the most popular in this article:

    Traditional leak detection – This device has basic sensors that can detect the presence of dangerous gas in the air. However, the wind can sometimes bring inaccurate readings, especially in outdoor settings.

    Ultrasonic leak detection – A more sophisticated method, it detects leaks from the sound waves it produces. This will cost you more, though.

    Semiconductor leak detection – Gas leak is detected through semiconductor sensors. A chemical reaction is produced when gasses come in contact with the sensors of the device. This is the more popular choice as it proved to be the more effective and affordable solution.

    A gas leak detection device can prove to be a worthwhile investment in the long run. No matter what device you can afford, the important thing is you have one in your home. That way you’re already providing protection for your family.

    DIY Gas Leak Detection Tips

    Make the most of your time while you still do not have a gas leak detection device installed in your home. Yes, DIY gas leak detection in Coral Gables is possible. While it may not be as accurate as having a leak detector, doing any of these is better than nothing.

    Watch out for a “rotten egg” smell in the air. Natural gas is odorless but gas companies normally put this smell in it to warn homeowners if there is a leak.

    Listen to your gas-powered appliance. There will be a wheezing sound, similar to air rushing out of a balloon opening.

    If you suspect a leak from a gas pipe, you can try applying soapy water on it. It will start to bubble if gas is leaking from that spot.

    Call a Professional Plumber in Case of a Gas Leak

    For your own safety, never try to repair a leaking gas line yourself. Once you confirm a gas leak in your home, call a licensed Coral Gables plumber right away. Consider this an emergency and evacuate your family from your home as immediately as possible. Open the windows and doors to let the gas out and minimize the risk of explosion. Also, if there are neighbors or establishments close by, inform them right away of the situation. Most of all, do not panic. Call Douglas Orr Plumbing, Inc. at (305) 887-1687 and they will send a reliable plumber to your home right away.


    Your Options for Drain Cleaning in Cooper City

    effective drain cleaning in Cooper CityOne of the most common plumbing emergencies there is are clogged drains. Whether it’s the kitchen sink or the bathtub drain, one thing is for sure – clogged drains are a headache! All activities are halted when drains are not working properly. You can’t wash in the kitchen sink or take a bath in the tub. Fortunately, clogged drains can be easily fixed most of the time. A homeowner will need only the basic plumbing tools. So before you call a plumber, read the rest of the article first and get to know your options for drain cleaning in Cooper City.


    Common Techniques to Fix a Clogged Drain

    Hot water – Kitchen sinks get clogged because of grease and food particles that are too big to pass the pipes. Usually, pouring hot water down the drain does the trick. This is possible because it can melt stubborn grease and somehow soften and dissolve food particles. Hot water may also dissolve soap suds that have built-up inside the pipes so you can also do this technique with a bathroom drain or sink.

    Rubber plungerRubber plungers are not only for toilet bowls. As long as the drain fits in the cup, you can use it to exert air pressure through the drain to push the obstacle and fix the problem. Use a sink rubber plunger for kitchen or bathroom sinks. Also, apply petroleum jelly along the cup’s rim to ensure that no air escapes during plunging.

    Auger or plumber’s snake – An auger is a long metal coil used by plumbers to push back whatever is causing the drain to clog. Also called a plumber’s snake, this nifty plumbing tool is readily available in different lengths in most neighborhood hardware stores. 

    Baking soda and vinegar mixture – Pour a cup of baking soda down the drain followed by half a cup of vinegar. Cover the pipe and let the mixture sit. After 30 minutes, pour hot water into the drain. Observe if the water goes down the drain easily. If the first try won’t work, do another round but this time it will be a cup of vinegar. 

    If All Else Fails, Call an Expert of Drain Cleaning in Cooper City

    Should all of these tips fail, you will have to call a local Cooper City plumber to fix your clogged drains. A professional plumber will have more sophisticated tools and techniques to get the job done. You can not also discount the fact that a more serious clog is causing the problem. A professional plumbing company like Douglas Orr Plumbing, Inc. will be able to send plumbers who can do sewer camera inspection to check whether the issue is in your sewer and not in the drain system. You can call (305) 887-1687 to ask for a free quote and to schedule a visit.